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Ian Couryer- Fly Fishing Guiding Services - South Africa.  

Ian Couryer Custom flies for sale.

With over 20 years experience fishing and guiding on the Vaal River and Sterkfontein Dam, Ian has a selection of guide flies that work. Some are his own designs and others are a new spin on some old faithfuls, many are not available commercially. 

All are tied on quality, tried and tested imported Korean, Japanese and Scandinavian hooks, these patterns will give any angler the edge.

Fishwhisperer Enterprises

We sell fly fishing products and freshwater flies for trout and yellowfish.

I.C.F.F Tippet degreaser/ Mud

A tub of the finest tippet degreaser to help sink that tippet and leader and take the shine off it. Invaluable for those dry fly sessions on calm water and for spooky fish in clear water. The number one reason trout or yellowfish will refuse a dry fly is because your tippet is floating! This will get it under the surface. Guaranteed not to dry out if the lid is replaced.

Fly selections in fly boxes

Various fly selections for trout and yellowfish,presented in either a waterproof nymph fly box or a dry fly compartment box. 100 flies, 50 flies and 35 dry flies.

Smallmouth yellowfish flies

A variety of proven smallmouth yellowfish flies. nymphs, jigs and dries. For river Smallmouth and stillwater. use.

Largemouth yellowfish flies

A variety of proven baitfish and streamer patterns,all tied on Gamakatsu B 10 S fly hooks, size 4. Flies are weighted with dumbell eyes to give the perfect sink rate, and have mono weed guards.

Terminal Tackle

Leaders and Tippet material.

Trout flies

A selection of trout flies for Stillwater and small stream fishing. Nymphs, dries and streamers.