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Ian Couryer- Fly Fishing Guiding Services - South Africa.  


                   Ian showing yellowfish with egg sack still attached.

                  "The Reedster", smallie slayer.  

                                                          Man and machine Sterkies 2008

Best of season, smallmouth yellowfish 3.8 kgs, on orange bead PTN # 14. fast water nymphing.

Chris with an incredible Largemouth. 22.5 pounds.

3kg fattie, damsel nymph, slow deep water.

Same fish as above.what incredible condition!

16.10.14. 2.6 kgs

18.5 pounds of Largemouth for Jeremy.

Vaal at Eendekuil from the car park

Spotted caddisfly, early seasons dry fly bonanza.

Hollywood Actor Lee Pace with his first Yellowfish,a long way from the Hudson Valley.

An Aquatic caterpillar, Order Lepidoptera, Family Pyralidae. Not something you see every day. Collected from under a rock in fast flowing water about half a meter deep, Vaal River September 2014.

Vaal Baetis mayfly nymph

Vaal Mayfly Nymph

8 March 2005, 21lbs, IGFA World Record Largemouth Yellowfish.83 cms fork, 92 cm overall.


Lovely Eendekuil mid summer, first run

First yellow for young client.

18 August 2006. 20lbs of beast, 84cm fork, 92cm overall, 53 cm girth.Flow 30 cubic meters/second, water temperature 12 degrees celcius. Visibility 40cms.

Tim Collier and Ian cordon off some of the yellowfish spawning beds at Tim's farm Eendekuil. This was the first initiative of its kind to protect fish from wading anglers. August 2007.

Bottom of the fourth channel, Eendekuil


Largemouth Delight

Smallmouth breeding condition

Male Smallmouth Yellowfish in breeding condition, note tubercles.

Mr Pink, Smallmouth Yellowfish Atomic worm.

Standerton region Vaal smallmouth posing with Ambassador

Brendan Crompton with one of many3 kg plus fish on a mini copper John

Largemouth success, 7 lbs.

Sterkfontein slab

Sterkfontein Slab, on spotter real beetle.  2.9 Kgs 

Like this people ! Bossing a sterkies smallie.

I thought it was a Largie, Damn!

Smallmouth winter fodder