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Ian Couryer- Fly Fishing Guiding Services - South Africa.  

Dry Fly fishing at night.

While this may come as a surprise to many yellowfish fly fisherman, fantastic dry fly fishing can be had on the Vaal River for a couple of hours after sunset.

Fish respond to to the thousands of Large White adult caddisflies ( Macrostemum Capense) which return to the river when complete darkness descends, to mate. Coupled adults and those seeking mates and those coming to drink are found scuttling around the edges of mid stream boulders, and across the surface, and the smallmouth yellowfish are usually there in numbers to feast on them.

Swinging large dry flies down and across on a tight line in pitch blackness results in some explosive takes, you hear the splash and feel the hook up as your reel starts to run. Big fish often feed at these times and the largest smallmouth I have witnessed caught on dry was a 4.3 kg beauty. The action lasts for around an hour and a half but is often frenetic, chaotic and intense. 

This is an annual event that starts around January and lasts till March. 

I will be guiding small groups of anglers at various productive venues throughout the season on Friday evenings after work. Anglers will assemble at the river venue before dark and we will take up station for the event. Once in position there is no moving around and only red headlamps are used when needed to avoid breathing in insects.

For those interested in spending some time in confusion on the river at night ( an interesting experience) I will post a list of dates on this page in the new year 2019 for bookings and nominal pricing. Each evening will be limited to a maximum of 4 anglers. Wading staffs, headlamps, waders and boots and 9 foot 3x tapered leaders are mandatory equipment.

While successful fishing cannot be guaranteed I will do several recces before the first date to make sure of the conditions and establish which venues are fishing well.