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Event Calendar : Weekend fly fishing getaways 2019.

Fly fish the Waterfall river for smallmouth and largemouth. 1

12:00 AM
12:00 AM

The Waterfall river ( a tributary of the Vaal river) near the town of Villiers holds good numbers of largemouth and smallmouth yellows with little of the pollution issues of the river below the barrage. Due to the nature and smaller size of the stream, fishing is mostly from the banks into pools. Some spectacular insect hatches are often encountered and smallmouth yellows rise in numbers making it a great spot to notch up several on dry. Nymphing is also very effective.The Waterval holds untold numbers of sizeable Largemouth Yellowfish which can be caught by casting streamers from the banks. Stay in the luxury comfort of the nearby lodge, all meals included. Limited to 4 anglers only. 2 full days fishing.

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